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Today's Commentary
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What in the World Are We Coming to?

I get less and less tolerant of the violent opposition factors in the up-coming election cycle.

We have less than TWO WEEKS before the mid-term elections and the rhetoric AND ACTIONS of the DIMMS is almost more than any of us should tolerate.

Where is the traditional "use of the ballot box" in order to express concern OR approval of the direc tion of our Country?

We now see the opposition to the current plan and direction being expressed in violence (of all things) in an effort to bring about change.

As much as I disagreed with the previous administration's actions AND policies, we never resorted to the type of anarchy that is being expressed at this time for this administration.

Even if you strongly disagree with the decisions and actions, the place to voice disagreements is at the ballot box, not in the streets and gang mobs.

Yes, they ARE mobs, funded by people and entities that have no appreciation for our Constitution and the Rule of Law of this Country.

What to do? Certainly not to combat violence with violence, but to use the ballot box (which is your right and duty) in November.

If you think I'm "off-base" let me know, I'd like to talk with you about it. 

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