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The Feddern Financial Consulting Group can trace its modest beginning back to Louisville, Kentucky after the stock market crash of October 1987. This defining moment prompted founder Otto Feddern to begin a formal study of “Modern Portfolio Theory” then being espoused by noted researcher Harry Markowitz. He began independent study with Dr. Craig Witt, a Professor of Finance and Economics at a local University. In the ensuing 10 years, using what he learned, Otto directed the development of sophisticated computer analysis programs with graphic presentation and test case capabilities based upon the work of William Sharpe, Frank Sortino and others.

Drawing from his experience in an earlier successful teaching career, Feddern was determined to develop a system that would transmit the complicated information, of performance monitoring of money managers and funds, into a meaningful, educating, and useful format for committees and staff. His unique and detailed reports identify poor or erratic performance and “why” it is present. Downside Risk Studies and control are very much at the core of the work. The overwhelming benefit provided by and the obvious need for this service, especially for Endowments, Foundations, Taft Hartley and ERISA Plans has driven this project forward from the very beginning.

The on-going development of a uniquely useful methodology, a near-obsession with accuracy, a commitment to management transparency, and vivid presentation graphics has been and is always our areas of concentrated effort. Our service is “a work in progress.” It is our desire, and the movement within the organization which now numbers four colleagues, to continue to develop and improve toward the ultimate output contributing the most meaningful monthly and/or quarterly presentations and reports possible for all fiduciaries.

Our Staff

Otto G. Feddern,

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Bruce Richards,
Investment Advisor Representative

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Debra K. Partin,
Office Manager

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